Ted Merrill

Theodore B. Merrill Jr. is an Internet acquaintance and fellow resident of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. Deane and Ted are 9th cousins, as follows:
	Nathaniel Merrill (1601-1654/5)abh m. Susannah _____ (1610-1673)abm
Nathaniel Merrill (1633/4-1682/3)abh	Daniel Merrill (1642-1717)bm
Nathaniel Merrill (1664/5-1738)abh	Stephen Merrill (1688-1755)bm
John Merrill (1706/7-1741)ah		Daniel Merrill (1711-)bm
Daniel Merrill (b.1729)ah		Daniel Merrill (1740-)b
Joseph Merrill (1773-1844)ag		William Merrill (1779-)b
Moses Whitney Merrill (1817-1859)ad	Robert W. Merrill (1808-)b
Cordeanio Harley Merrill (1840-1908)adf	Oliver B. Merrill (1835-)b
Charles Arthur Merrill (1875-1968)acd	William A.S. Merrill (1860-)b
Deane Whitney Merrill (1908-1987)acde	Theodore B. Merrill (1899-)b
Deane Whitney Merrill Jr. (1938-)ac	Theodore B. Merrill Jr. (1926-)b
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